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Single face mechanical seal

Single face mechanical seal

Nizhegorodskaya Innovatsionnaya Kompaniya OOO (NIK OOO) was founded in 2001. The company has been created by experienced specialists, who worked in the sphere of design and production of mechanical seals on the basis of research institute for 30 years.

NIK is one of the benchmark companies, specializing in the design and manufacture of the mechanical seal, its backup systems and complex pump upgrade.

Mechanical seals are used in the pumping and centrifugal equipment in order to prevent fluid leakage to the environment.

Continuous broadening of the present range of products helps to work up new markets.

Constant improvement of released products and methods of engineering permits the company to produce goods with the servicing characteristics of the first rank. From the very beginning the quality of client service became a priority direction for NIK.

Considerable quantity of the company investments falls on research and development works. It provides the novelty in production of our goods. Most of the developed products are already defended with the patents, or the patents are formed now.

Nizhegorodskaya Innovatsionnaya Kompaniya uses the CAD system “COMPASS 3D”, which speeds up the design process and allows us to work in full volume.

Our partners invested great sums of money to the modern lathes with software that let us raise the productivity and lower the costs. The raising of production efficiency helps the company to pursue a price-formation policy, under which the lowering of production costs cuts down client expenses.

All face seals are hydrostatically tested.

The company disposes all necessary equipment, including test desks specified to API 682 (water, oil), which allow to conduct the tests at the temperature to 300ºC (570ºF).

Test operation is computerized. The results are analyzed in order to assure a full compliance of the goods with the necessary features.

The technical support service constantly works in the company. Except the huge range of mechanical seals our company develops subsidiary equipment for operation of the double mechanical seals – from simple and effective converter vessels ГСО-25 (hydraulic vessel of service system) to the systems of forced circulation ГСО-25С with a full set of functions.


Our guarantees:

- A guarantee period continues for 12 months from the equipment installation or 24 months from the delivery to the client’s enterprise.

- We possess a supply of delivered goods. In the case of failure we immediately change the item to the new one. We are also ready to repair a mechanical seal or replace its parts.

- We assure the field supervision and repairs of the purchased equipment. Our seals fit with the Safety regulation ПБ 09-170-97, the Branch standard ОСТ 26-06-2028-96 and the standards DIN24960 (Germany) and API (USA).

While producing weld metal bellows, our company NIK OOO focuses on the requirements of the American petroleum institute, the head trade representative organization of American oil-and-gas industry.

The latest API standards make urgent demands to the design and production of the mechanical seals. Most of the world oil refining, petrochemistry and sea oil production companies adhere to the API standards of the rotary equipment.

Our company made a policy decision to develop this market.

Nizhegorodskaya Innovatsionnaya Kompaniya has the opportunity to design, produce and test the weld metal bellows for the different application conditions. Designing is carried out with the help of special programs, realizing the theory of shells.

The made bellows undergo 100% quality control. Bellows are tested for leak proofness and cyclic strength. To manufacture weld metal bellows the prior agreement of parameters and application conditions is necessary.


Pressure fall:

For the monolayer seals to 2.5 MPa (25 kg/cm2)

For the double layer seals to 7.5 MPa (70 kg/cm2)

Temperature from -250 to +450

working medium: mediums providing the membrane corrosion resistance

membrane material: chosen individually


- High reliability and cyclic strength;

- Big axial stroke due to folding bumps;

- Smooth spring characteristic;

- Lack of permanent deformations at big compression-release stroke;

- Possibility of manufacture bellows of any length.


Bellows have 12 bumps. Many manufacturers supply bellows mechanical seals with 8 bumps. Bellows, produced by NIK, possess 12 bumps as a rule. The more are the bumps, the less is each bump load. Maximal number of bumps prolongs the seal service life at most.


Weld metal bellows have are widely applicable as medium separators, sensing elements of manometers and flexible joints (compensators). Devices, equipment and machines, built on basis of the weld metal bellows, are used in the power, oil-and-gas, aerospace and military industry.

Weld metal bellows are made by welding a transitive element of different construction to an extreme membrane (under the agreement with a client).

Under the agreement the weld metal bellows of any dimension types can be manufactured.


Single mechanical face seal of common application with dimensions to DIN 24960. Rotation directs to both sides. It is recommended to install the seals into the pumps, dispensing neutral or mild liquids.


Mechanical seal УМТ М (Single mechanical face seal) has secondary seals in the form of round rubber rings. It is supplied with a central spring and it allows the shaft rotate in both directions. It can be easily composed into a double face seal. An increased service life in the chemical aggressive medium is ensured by application of chemically stable materials.


Temperature from -40 to 150 ºC

Pressure to 1.6 MPa

slip velocity to 20 m/sec


The mechanical seal УМТ У is meant for installation to the hydraulic machines (pumps, chemical devices and others), pumping liquids, different in their chemical composition and physical properties. It is the most reasonable to use single seals type УМТ in water supply, circulating and heat systems, oil refining, chemistry and petrochemistry.



Line speed:

From -50oC to +250oC

≤ 6.2 MPa

≤ 25 m/sec.


All kinds of equipment with a rotating shaft, pumps, mixers and compressors in the chemical, oil refining, pharmaceutical, food, pulp-and-paper industry and in processing of waste waters.


Balanced many-spring pusher, supplying a uniform load on friction pairs; in corrosive fluids and at high temperature the secondary seals of extended graphite and fluoroplastic are used; the seal corresponds to the standards GB6556, DIN24960 and ISO3069

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