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  Mechanical seals front

For the first time in the history of Russian industry mechanical seals of a new type were invented – proximity technique devices.

The seals work without visible leaks of sealing medium for a long time, even at high temperature (370 °С) and pressure (up to 60 kg*force/cm3). Slight leaks evaporate. Under these conditions optically accurate antifrictional rings (friction pairs) up to 0.6 µm interact with the parts, made with rougher allowance (0.1 mm). Figuratively speaking, “optics joins mechanics”.


1. 100% unification of all parts of a mechanical seal was attained. The same parts, used in different combinations, may form a single, double or double seal “Tandem”, include of those with condensers for shafts with diameter 60, 70, 80, 90 mm for centrifugal oil pumps. It allows to reduce the range of parts and adjust the technological process without deviation from the specified tolerances. Patent of the Russian Federation No. 38874.

2. Trouble-free operation of seals with a so-called open condenser was attained. Being installed in the stuffing box, the condenser lowers temperature before the seal from 370oC to 80oC and does not let the rubber rings become char. As they are open, they can be easily cleaned. Broad channels allow cooling liquids pass free. Full hermeticity was achieved, as the sealing (working) medium does not penetrate into the cooling liquid and vice versa.

3. Double seals type “tandem” are in a great customer’s demand. They have the long-term reliable work resource thank to installation of springs outside the pumping medium; these seals are made with “remote springs”. Patent of the Russian Federation No. 32564. In that type of seals particles of polluted environment do not penetrate to the spring coverage and do not prevent their work. The springs are in clear oil of the parting liquid, circulating through the vessel.

4. The problem of the seal maintainability has been solved, namely replacement of antifrictional rings after long-term operation. Milled gaps are made for taking the rings out of barrel or becket without damage. Patent of the Russian Federation No. 49939.

5. The most important parts of mechanical seals are made of the better materials in comparison with other manufacturers. Silicon carbide and tungsten carbide, which has the least porosity, are used for antifrictional rings. Rubber rings of different grades are used individually, for sealing of certain mediums.

6. Today the mechanical seals have the least leakage of the sealing medium – up to 0.5 cm2 per hour. It was achieved by full hydraulic counterbalancing of forces, working on the parts of the seal. A new theory of the mechanical seal calculation was developed. Nizhegorodskaya Innovatsionnaya Kompaniya OOO produces and installs antifrictional rings of the smallest section.

7. The seals work without leakage in the hot mediums at the temperature from 200 °C to 450oC including a new constructive decision – increased groove depth for rubber rings in cartridges and beckets. Thanks to this decision the seals do not fail despite temperature changes in the rubber rings. Patent of the Russian Federation No. 29756.

8. The new multistage seals were invented. They help to eliminate leakage not only of the sealing medium, but also of the sealing liquid, compatible with the sealing medium and harmful for human health. Patent of the Russian Federation No. 29756.

9. For multiphase pumps, including the foreign ones, double mechanical seals with friction pair made of silicon carbide or tungsten carbide were invented. They allow the seal to work, even if the air passes for two hours.

10. Except single seals the double seals of the type “tandem” were designed for the pumps used in oil-trunk pipeline.

11. The single seals with a big move of a seal sleeve were created for the stage chamber pumps. For ЦНС 300 (Centrifugal Stage chamber Pump) it is equal to 10 mm. It allows to install a mechanical seals instead of a gland seal. Patent of the Russian Federation No. 52952.

12. Period of post-warranty service of the mechanical seals increased. During the 2 year of operating the parts, failed through the fault of NIK OOO, will be replaced.

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