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  Incomplete set version

The parts are meant for lowering the temperature of lubricating and cooling (sealing or barrier) liquid to the degree, which provides the correct work of double-stage (plan 52 standard API 682) and double (plan 53) face seals, applied in centrifugal pumps. The parts allow to carry out the local and remote control of seal state and to protect the pump in the case of breakdown.

Regulatory documents:

  • The products are made according to the Technical Standard 3619-006-556508584-03
  • Permit for application No. PPC 04-10196
  • The product corresponds to the plan 52 and 53 to the standard API 1682
Гидробачок системы обеспечения торцовых уплотнений

1 – heat exchanger;
2 – cooler;
3 – manometer;
4 – level indicator;
5 – safety valve;
6 – ball cock DN 15 mm;
7 – shutoff valve DN 15 mm;
8 – ball connection DN 15 mm;
9 – ball connection DN 20 mm.

 Technical features

1. Type of a heat exchanger: vertical four-way shell-and-tube heat exchanger with a floating head.
2. Effective cooling capacity (kWt) not less than 8
3. Volume of sealing (barrier) liquid in the heat exchanger, l 17...21
4. Working pressure of the sealing (barrier) liquid in case of the heat exchanger, kilogram*force/cm2, not more than
- For double-stage seals
- For double seals

5. Temperature of the sealing (barrier) liquid, oC, not more than:
- At the inlet of the heat exchanger
- At the outlet of the heat exchanger

6. Type of safety valve: lift direct-acting spring valve of straightway type.
7. Diameter of port area of the safety valve, mm 15
8. Cooling surface area, m2 1,73
9. Useful volume of the cooler, l 4,90
10. Length of tube bundle of the cooler, m 0,94
11. Number of tubes in the tube bundle, pieces 10x4=40
12. Section of the tubes (DxS), mm 16x2
13. Temperature of cooling liquid (industrial water), oС
14. Water consumption on cooling, m3/hour 0,8...1,6
15. Service life, years, not less than 10
16. Mass, kg, not more than 100

Design features:

1. The equipment is interchangeable with known cooling vessels of both home and foreign manufacture.
2. Material of composite parts is corrosion-resistant steel; material of gaskets is thermal expanded graphite.
3. Design of the heat exchanger allows of cleaning the cooler tubes in the place of the unit installation as far as the tubes become locked by mechanical particles, such as scale, incrustations or plugs.
4. It is unnecessary to pour the sealing liquid out of the heat exchanger before maintenance.
5. The heat exchanger has several outside ball connections for attaching supply and discharge pipelines.
6. The cooling system has the following design:
6.1. According to the mutual alignment of the heat exchanger and face seal on the pump:
- Right position (basic);
- Left position (mirror).
6.2. According to the complete set of Electrical Control and Instrumentation (КИПиА):
- Complete set (manometer, level indicator, safety valve, level annunciators, pressure sensor, temperature sensor);
- Incomplete set (manometer, level indicator, safety valve).
7. Electrical Control and Instrumentation is explosion-proof. A customer chooses a version and notes it in the order card.

License of the Russian State Mining and Technical Inspection ООИР No. 017905 of 2008.02.06.

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